RWAA provides various training opportunities for water and wastewater operators and system managers. Please scroll down to see the various classes and programs available.

Training at Rural Water Association of Arizona (RWAAZ)

RWAAZ Op-Cert Training Classes

RWAAZ offers Water and Wastewater Grades 1 and 2 Op-Cert Training Classes. Click on the links below to view the schedule of the upcoming classes and to sign up. RWAAZ and the US Environmental Protection Agency have a cooperative agreement to help small public water systems comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act. Training and technical assistance is available to public water system personnel (including non-community systems).

EPA Training & Assistance Programs

The RWAAZ Training and Technical Assistance Program provides water and wastewater operators and system managers with formal classroom instruction on compliance, operational, financial and managerial issues. We provide the type of assistance that offers “training” to improve the skill level of water and wastewater personnel by providing professional training assistance at their system. This on-site training assistance effort involves teaching water and wastewater system how to “solve” problems as opposed to simply “fixing” problems. We perform over 310 hours a year in training. Our assistance is available thanks to funding from the US Environmental Protection Agency and membership.

Below is the list of training topics currently offered to our membership by RWAAZ under the EPA Training Program. PDHs are available for all classes.

  • Activated sludge process control

  • Altitude and automated control valves

  • Arsenic removal techniques

  • Backflow

  • Bacteria sampling

  • Capacity development

  • Chlorination

  • Chlorine safety

  • Chlorine disinfection alternatives

  • Competent person

  • Confined space

  • Cross connection control

  • Disinfection

  • Electrical safety

  • Emergency management

  • Emergency operations plan

  • Emergency response planning

  • EPA/OSHA/DOT compliance

  • Equipment operation

  • Fire hydrant and valves

  • Funding assistance

  • Groundwater wellhead protection

  • Heavy equipment training

  • How to prepare for audit

  • Intro to fed/state drinking water rules

  • Intro to global positioning

  • Killing kitchens

  • Laboratory sampling procedures

  • Leak detection

  • Lift stations

  • Line location

  • Lock out tag out

  • Mapping

  • Math water and wastewater

  • Operations and maintenance

  • Pharmaceuticals and endocrine disruptors

  • Point of use arsenic removal

  • Preparation for operation certification training

  • Public notification

  • Pumps and motors

  • Reptile and insect awareness

  • Risk assessment methodology

  • Safe drinking water act compliance

  • Security vulnerability

  • Sewer collection

  • Smoke testing

  • Source water protection

  • Traffic control

  • Treatment processes

  • Valve maintenance programs

  • Water distribution

  • Water meters

  • Water treatment

  • Waterous hydrant maintenance and repair

  • Wells


Please contact Carolina Ibarra or Cynthia Garcia if you have any questions regarding the training topics offered, or if you would like to schedule a training at your system.

Carolina Ibarra: | 480-982-0301 |

Cynthia Garcia: | 480-982-0301 |