RWAAZ Membership for Water System Operators

System Memberships

We invite you to join our nationwide partnership of rural water and wastewater professionals. Support our grassroots efforts to ensure that Americans continue to have safe drinking water and a clean environment.

System Members (voting or non-voting)

Water and Sanitation Districts, nonprofit Corporations (Cooperatives, Mutual Domestics), or rural municipalities engaged in the distribution of water or treatment of sewage for rural residents.A Voting Member is: A public or private water and wastewater, and other types of utilities and municipalities with less than 10,000 population, engaged in the transportation, distribution and/or sale of utility services in the rural area of the State of Arizona.A Non-Voting Member is: Any person, firm, corporation, organization or municipality serving more than 10,000 population and adhering to the purpose of the Association and desiring to assist in the work of the Association may become a non-voting member.

Benefits of Membership

As an RWAAZ System Member, you will receive the following services designed to strengthen your network with utilities and professionals in the water and wastewater industry:

  • Free listing of Associate & Active Members (upon request)
  • Free statewide training sessions on related topics for water and/ or wastewater systems
  • Re-certification credit hours available through RWAAZ training sessions
  • Information available on federal and state issues
  • Equipment available along with technical assistance
  • Voting rights in association affairs
  • Mail-outs regarding upcoming training sessions, conference, other important information, etc.
  • Discount fees for members (advertising, conference, certification classes)
  • Informative website:
  • Provides free subscription to our semi-annual magazine “The Future of Water” with pertinent information regarding the water and wastewater industry
  • Provides Technical Assistance at no cost to systems through-out the State of Arizona (on-site at the system and by phone)
  • Provides one-day Training Sessions to gain re-certification hours
  • Provides Operator Certification Classes (membership) to aid in taking State Operator Exam to acquire license
  • 2 Conference each year for technical and leadership training
  • Offers various training materials (some manuals have fees)

Training And On-Site Technical Assistance Is What We Are About!

They are two of the main reasons that RWAAZ was established in 1990. Our team of professionals provide classroom and on-site training and technical assistance to small water and wastewater systems and governing personnel on the most up-to-date methods of efficient operations, maintenance and management techniques. The professional staff of RWAAZ is skilled in all areas of water and wastewater operations and management.

On-Site Technical Assistance

  • Safe Drinking Water Act rules & regulations

  • Water quality analysis

  • Disinfection and chemical feed

  • Line and valve locations

  • Pump and motor maintenance

  • Operator certification

  • Cross-connection information

  • Wastewater plant operations

  • Treatment plant operations

  • Access to equipment

  • Help prevent source water contamination

  • Regulatory requirements (EPA and DEQ permits)

  • Plot potential sources of contamination

  • Development of Vulnerability Assessment

  • Development of Operations & Maintenance Manual

  • Development of Emergency Response Plan

  • Finance management (rate structures, assist with funding options, etc)

  • Energy conservation assistance (infiltration/smoke testing, water leak detection, bench testing to check meter accuracy, sewer video camera of sewer lines) upon request

  • Trenching and Shoring

  • Confined Space/Competent Person

  • Lockout/Tag-out

  • Traffic Control

  • Backhoe Safety

  • Lock Out Tag Out

  • Op-Cert Classes Water/ Wastewater Grades 1 thru 4

  • All Certification classes are four to eight hours long and RWAA provides your wallet card, wall certificate, PDHs and all training materials.

Training Events

  • Annual Spring Conference

  • Annual Fall Conference

  • Regional Mini Conferences

Lead and Copper Rule Revisions Trainings

Request a training on Lead and Copper Rule Revisions today!

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